Cvet Beekeeping

Čebelarstvo Cvet (Beekeeping Cvet) works in central Slovenia, close to the Slovenian Beekeeping Centre.

The primary role of the breeding facility is the breeding of bee queens.

We exercise the task of breeding in an expert manner and with great dedication to our work. We believe that the selection work and the accuracy of queen bee breeding in all procedures is of high importance.

Mitja Nakrst, the head of our beekeeping centre, has received expert education and worked at the  Agricultural Institute of Slovenia and the Faculty of Agriculture and Live Sciences in Maribor, where he graduated with a beekeeping topic in the field of purity of the Carniolan honey bee and the quality of queen bees. His mentor was the renowned expert and scientist Prof. Dr. Aleš Gregorc.

We are happy to collaborate with local and foreign experts as well as local beekeepers. We are confident that the exchange of opinions and the contact with our clients is extremely important, as it contributes to mutual progress. 

Our most important task is to care for bee colonies in the selection and breeding beehives and for the hives in our breeding stations.

Čebelarstvo Cvet

Katja and Mitja Nakrst

Žeje 30, 1233 Dob
Gsm: +386 31 291 603



Bee Queens

We offer our queen bees to local and foreign beekeepers. We have successfully exported them to most of the European countries. When exporting queen bees abroad, we are very diligent in preparing queen bees for logistics and preparing the accompanying documentation. The individual communication with the client enables us to avoid uncertainties and dissatisfaction of clients.

We invite you to come and see us and put our queen bees to the test. We offer you a long-term collaboration in this noble activity that is beekeeping.

Extensive knowledge and experience of the Cvet Beekeeping manager has broadened its opportunities in domestic as well as foreign markets. Our relationship with customers is not limited only to the beekeeping season; we keep our bonds tight throughout the year. The descendants of the selected queen bees are tested by contractors of professional institutions; furthermore, we carefully perform our own direct test and make a careful selection from a large number of commercial bee colonies. During the Smartbeees project we also participated in their selection process.

The selection process helps us achieve and exceed our rearing goals, as well as preserve the Carniolan honey bee's ethological characteristics, especially its calmness and high honey yield.

Cvet Beekeeping warmly welcomes groups and individuals who want to see how we work and ensure our professional competences. We believe that the best results and customers' satisfaction come with high quality treatment during each and every step in the rearing process. We guarantee that every single queen bee offered to beekeepers is mated and ready for commercial beekeeping.

We pay special attention to the transportation of queen bees. Queen bees are taken out of the mating nucs just before they are sent to the customer. The only person handling with queen bees and tagging them is the Cvet Beekeeping manager. Within Slovenia, our queen bees are dispatched by the Pošta Slovenije national postal service and delivered the next business day. Orders for European markets are dispatched on Mondays and normally delivered within the same week. Orders with larger quantities of queen bees are delivered by air transport.

Each parcel contains a beekeeper's certificate and certificate of registration in a herdbook of Carniolan honey bees. International parcels contain the international TRACES document.

As professional beekeepers, we can offer advice on adding and changing queen bees, as well as any other beekeeping task.

Our principal guidelines are the importance of the selection process, precise rearing, and cooperation with other professional institutions and beekeepers. 


Žeje 30, 1233 Dob, Slovenia